Kauri Bay Boomrock Wedding

Holly and Martin... what couple of cuties! It's the age old story of a Kiwi girl meeting a Brit bloke, they fall in love, then their parents become best friends on a river cruise before even meeting their soon-to-be son and daughter in laws (the bromance between the two dads was palpable!). Holly and Martin truely had one of the loveliest weddings, all planned from England where they currently live. The unmatched Kauri Bay Boomrock pulled out all the stops and the weather came to the party with perfect skies (and just a hint of a cool breeze). We had a perfect sunset and just as we'd seen it all, a full moon rise!

In Holly's words, she "loves love" and Sunday was filled with happy tears, kind words, lots of hugs and kisses - and also a sense that everyone in attendance was so genuinely happy that these two were together and they couldn't wait to see how their futures unfold. 

I'm so grateful to have witnessed this magic day - thanks H&M for inviting me along to be part of your new beginning!

Vendor Love