Hey there!

I'm Greg, from Mangawhai in Northland and yeah – I love wedding photography!

I've been a wedding photographer for over ten years and have clocked up more than 400 weddings working in Australia, the USA, various Pacific Islands and of course all over New Zealand. When I'm not shooting weddings I love working on our property, tinkering with my Subaru or spending time with the family. Living in Mangawhai means lots of trips to the beach and the odd surf - on warm days.

Oh and then there's the storm chasing

I'm seriously fun.

My approach to a wedding is simple - it’s not about me, it’s about you and your loved-ones. I'm there to capture all the raw emotion, tears, laughter and the little in between moments as they unfold. Sure, weddings are about love, celebration and cutting loose… and on the day I'm there to fan that glorious flame. Whereas before and after the wedding I am all business. That means ahead of the day I'm helping you with as much advice as I can, answering your questions and talking about timelines and potential issues that we can overcome. Then once the wedding is all done I'm hard at work making sure your photos and videos arrive on time. With communication throughout the whole process that is second to none.

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