Kauri Bay Boomrock wedding photography

May and Mark had a beautiful Catholic wedding ceremony at Sacred Heart Parish in Ponsonby. This was followed by a stunning reception at Kauri Bay Boomrock. Family is incredibly important to this couple, with both families in attendance for the bride and the groom during the preparation. It was a busy morning, but so beautiful to see just how much this marriage meant to everyone – not just the two of them.

Among the countless beautiful moments throughout the day one that really struck a chord with me was Mark’s reaction when he saw May for the first time in the church. Now Mark is a pretty cool customer – he didn’t show a spot of nerves or much emotion at all whilst he was getting ready with his groomsmen. He was calm and collected, at least that’s what he showed on the surface. However that all changed the second May entered the church. He had tears spilling down his cheeks and the handkerchief doing what it was there for. It was an absolutely perfect display of his love for his stunning bride.

It was a really full day plus we had to contend with Friday afternoon Auckland traffic. Despite this, the wonderful staff at Kauri Bay Boomrock still gave us plenty of time to enjoy the stunning sunset we were treated to after a day of  heavy grey skies. We were in photography heaven as the sun slipped away below the horizon. The way Mark and May were able to remain cool under pressure and absolutely enjoy their day and each other, is a testament to their characters and definitely telling of the kind of loving and supportive couple they are.

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