Cinematic Highlight Wedding Videos

When choosing GCWP for video you get a dedicated and experienced videographer who has worked with me at over 100 weddings (we can almost read each others' minds at this point). My goal is to make the video as unobtrusive on the day as possible - so rather than having a team of videographers - you get one experienced operator that you barely notice and then amazing coverage of your wedding. We have lots of options to choose from so please ask if you've got something specific in mind.

So, what is a cinematic highlight wedding video?

CHWVs are like a greatest hits of your wedding day. Lasting from 4 to 7+ minutes and set to music that you can choose; they’re perfect for couples who want high quality video coverage of their day and don’t want to spend a lot of extra time, effort or money organising and worrying about a separate vendor.

Here's an example of one of our amazing couples, Ariana and Ryan.

cinematic video style

Our style of videography is to capture genuine emotion and natural events as they happen. It is to have zero impact on the flow of the day and deliver a video that reflects the magic and sentiment of the moment. This style is very unimposing for the bridal couple and means they can relax and not have to worry about having another person to answer to on the day. The videographer’s goal is to be invisible and out of the way. Like a wedding video ninja. People actually say to us after the wedding "oh yeah we didn't even notice the videographer was there"

how it works

On your wedding day, my role will always be wedding photographer. I then enlist the talents of experienced video operators who know my style, use my equipment and follow my direction. Because we've worked together for so long, the videographer seamlessly works in with the photography. Finally, we edit the videos in house and present them to you. This means you only need to deal with me through the whole process – nice and simple.

Here's an example of a highlight video (with no added extras) that we captured for Holly and Martin, they're so hot right now.

To see more of our recent highlight videos, visit our Vimeo page. Or fill in the form below to get a full price guide and see if we're available for your wedding!