The sun has set on USBs

In October 2016 I made a decision to stop sending my clients physical packaging of their wedding gallery with a USB drive. It wasn’t an easy decision, but all-in-all it was the right one. Here’s why I decided to stop sending USB drives to clients and use the magic of online downloads.

1. Online downloads are fast. It means I can cut one to two weeks off my delivery time to clients and focus on taking photos, rather than trips to the post office.

2. USB drives are becoming redundant technology. I used to send CDs, then I changed to DVDs, then I went to USBs… technology is changing and many new computers don’t even have a USB-A slot (now they have USB-C, Thunderbolt etc). It’s pretty obvious… we’re all heading towards a wireless culture so there’s no point hanging on to ageing technology.

3. Formatting and reliability. All too often I work tirelessly to provide a USB drive, then I get the dreaded email saying that the drive doesn’t work on the couple’s computer. Just the thought of this never happening again makes me giddy.

4. E-Waste. Let’s face it, a USB drive is another piece of plastic that will end up in a landfill.

5. Cost. While the cost isn’t extravagant, it’s another way I can streamline my expenses and give you the most cost effective and efficient service possible.

How do digital downloads work?

By utilise very robust and reliable hosting companies, I upload the entire wedding gallery to a private page on my website. These photos are exactly the same as the ones that would be on a USB drive, they’re just stored privately online instead. I’ve actually been doing this for about 5 years, however I’ve always sent a USB too. you receive very simple, one click links to download all your images and best of all, they're safe online if anything should ever happen to your copies.

So, join me in the future where USB drives are just a memory and immediate delivery of your wedding photos is here!