Waiuku Wedding of Ashlee and De Adre

Introducing Mrs and Mrs Hoete!!!

Massive congratulations to Ashlee and De Adre who were married on Saturday in a beautiful ceremony at Connemara Country Lodge

There were a lot of tears, heaps of laughter, moving speeches and long hugs all round - but most importantly a seriously huge amount of love. It has to be said that I really think it’s true that you know when you’ve found your person and these two incredible women are a testament to that. They have found their person, they are living an amazing life together (with their two beautiful children) that is filled with love. The joy and excitement that they each got to marry their best friend was palpable throughout the day and it was an absolute privilege to be able to capture it.

Ash and Dee, I’m so happy for you both for this beautiful milestone in your relationship, and wish you the most wonderful lives together!

Much love,

Cat xxxx