Crooked River Wedding // Jess and Steve

Crooked River Wedding Photography

Greg Campbell – Crooked River wedding photography

I flew over to Sydney to shoot this amazing wedding of Steve and Jess in March 2017.

At the time, New South Wales had just had massive storms, which had actually destroyed a lot of beachfront land and property.

You’re probably thinking “oh crap, wedding disaster ensues” but this is a perfect example of why rainy weather can be a blessing in disguise! So anyway, it’s the very end of the night. The d-floor is cranking, the drinks are flowing, the rain has eased to a faint mist and the videographer and I look at each other and give the international signal for “I think it’s about time to pack up” when suddenly… a huge deluge sets in outside.

Now… Jess had said to me before the wedding that she wanted a night/rain/flash photo and so without hesitation I stormed the dance floor and said “it’s now or never!”. To my amazement, she put her game face on, dragged Steve outside, jumped under a very decorative-but-basically-useless umbrella and … well the rest is history. I think it took about 3 minutes to get those last shots. We were all completely drenched afterwards, but needless to say it was worth it!

Thanks a million, Jess and Steve. What an incredible wedding and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful life together 🙂

Crooked River Wedding Photography

Vendor love – Crooked River wedding photography

Venue  – Crooked River Wines, NSW

Photographer – Greg Campbell Wedding Photography