About Mangawhai Wedding Photography

Mangawhai wedding photography and videography

We’re Greg and Cat 🙂

Hey there, so we’re a couple of science geeks that live in Mangawhai, NZ. We actually met on a field trip when we were studying Geology at University and have been joined at the hip ever since. We love traveling, binging Netflix shows, pampering our two kittens and now our incredible one year old daughter, Dallas too. And yeah – we also love taking photos at weddings 🙂

Greg has been working in wedding photography for about eight years, the last 5 of which have been full time. He’s worked at all the major venues in Auckland and Northland and is about to clock up his 200th wedding. In the last few years Cat began working along side Greg and now is a fully fledged wedding photographer also. “Oh, so you work together?” I hear you ask… well, no! We both shoot our own independent weddings. But sure if someone wants us both, that’s all good too!

We’re seriously fun.

Sure, weddings are about love, celebration and cutting loose… and on the day we’re there to fan that glorious flame. But before and after the wedding we are all business. That means ahead of the day we’re helping you with as much advice as we can, answering your questions and talking about timelines and potential issues that we can overcome. Then once the wedding is all done we’re hard at work making sure your photos and videos arrive on time. With communication throughout the whole process that is second to none.

Check out our Google Reviews– when we say we’re professionals, we mean it.

And when we’re not shooting weddings… we’re chasing storms!

Laramie Tornado Truck
Bomb Tornado
Laramie Tornado
Laramie Tornado Forming
Lightning Bolt
Mammatus Clouds
Tornado Twisting

And now you know us!

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