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mount ruapehu wedding photography

If you're looking for a Mount Ruapehu wedding photographer then please allow me to introduce myself :) I'm Greg and I absolutely love Mt Ruapehu and the Central Plateau. Whether you're planning a wedding up the mountain, on the snow, at the Chateau or in one of the nearby areas - there is so much beauty there that you can't go wrong.

hateau Wedding Photography Ruapehu Greg Campbell

Mount Ruapehu is my old home!

I actually used to live on Mt Ruapehu! After I graduated from uni I lived in a ski-club on the mountain and worked at the Chateau. It was right when I was getting into photography too, so I've scoured all parts of that landscape and know it quite intimately. In 2015 I was so fortunate to shoot the beautiful winter wedding of Glenn and Rebecca at the Chateau and it rekindled my love for the area.

But wait - isn't that Mt Ngauruhoe?

Yes! The nice pointy volcano in the background of these images is actually Mt Ngauruhoe (yep - the same mountain used as Mt Doom in The Lord of the Rings) and just to the left of it is Mt Tongariro. These two mountains are easily visible from Mt Ruapehu and make an amazing backdrop to any photos - especially a wedding!

hateau Wedding Photography Ruapehu Greg Campbell

If you're looking for Mount Ruapehu wedding photography, I'd absolutely love to hear from you. Drop me a line and we can talk about how awesome your day is going to be :)

To drop me a line, click the link below and I'll be in touch soon

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