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We're Greg and Cat!


Hey there, so we're a couple of science geeks that live in Mangawhai. We love traveling, binging Netflix shows (it takes Cat a few episodes to get hooked but once she is... wow), pampering our two kittens and yeah - taking photos at weddings :)

Although, the actual 'photography' part of the job is only a fraction of what we love about it - there're all the other cool parts like client meetings, helping with tricky wedding questions, editing photos, replying to emails, learning about new camera technology, driving all over the place to weird and wonderful locations - we love it all :)

"Oh, so you work together?" I hear you ask... well, no! We both shoot our own independent weddings. But sure if someone wants us both, that's all good too!


A history of Greg:

Geologist, primary school teacher, restaurateur, double glazier, builder, drummer, self proclaimed hifi and car audio guru, spanish speaker, surfer, vegetarian, tornado chaser, cat lover, Subaru driver.


A history of Cat:

Biologist, secondary school teacher, gardener, Outlander lover, trained wine connoisseur, snowboarder, vegetarian, food lover (making and eating), NZ national touch rugby team manager, cat adorer, Suzuki driver.

photographic style

It's about capturing authentic natural moments. As wedding photographers we try to walk a fine line between being almost invisible, capturing moments as they happen and not disrupting the occasion, yet at the same time being bold enough to direct when necessary and not miss any crucial shots of the day. We want you to feel relaxed and happy.

We're not big on asking people to say 'cheeeeeese', we're more interested in catching genuine emotion and making sure the bridal party and guests are comfortable and having fun.

And now you know us!

Oh yeah, there's one more thing... when we're not shooting weddings, we're chasing tornadoes...

Laramie Tornado June 2018-1008


Want to hear what we've been up to recently? Have a listen to The Snappening, a weekly podcast I host with my good friend Tom Stewart. We talk about our experiences as wedding photographers as well as all sorts of other random stuff.


Visit thesnappening.net or go straight to our iTunes Podcast page.

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